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Principal PNB (Punjab National Bank) Asset Management Company manages the mutual fund schemes launched by Principal Mutual Fund. The company presents a broad array of high impact financial solutions for both retail and institutional investors. The company’s fund management team factors in important variables like risk control, thorough market research, and comprehensive asset management, in order to create good portfolios that meet the stated expectations. The AMC has more 8 lakh+ customers across 102 centers in the country. Principal Mutual Fund has a reliability of financial strength and international expertise.It constantly aims to bring innovation in the schemes and satisfy the customer with long-term financial solutions.

Date of setup November 25, 1994
Sponsor(s) Principal Financial Services Inc.,USA[through its subsidiary Principal Financial Group(Mauritius)Ltd.
Address Exchange Plaza, Ground Floor, B Wing, NSE Building, BandraKurla Complex, Bandra(East) Mumbai 400051
Tel 022 - 67720555
Fax 022 - 67720512

Why Choose Principal Mutual Fund?

  • Strong Pan-India Network

    : Principal Mutual Fund has an extensive network of over 20,000 distributors spread across the length and breadth of the nation. They can range from financial advisory firms and corporate banks to financial institutes and stockbrokers.

  • Tax saving schemes

    : The AMC has some great schemes that not only solve your capital appreciation needs but also help you save tax under section 80C with strategic investment. These schemes include the Principal Personal Tax Saver Fund and Principal Tax Savings Fund.

  • Transfer Possible

    : Investors can put their money in their preferred equity while still being invested n the invested in the debt fund. This way, the investor will get better returns via the equity stocks as well as get lower risks.

  • Monthly Records

    : The company produces a monthly factsheet of investor education. It outlines the data about money invested in each company, rating of the company, returns, dividends, and ratio of performance.

Types of Funds Offered

  • Equity Fund

    : Principal equity funds seek to initiate capital appreciation with the help of strategic allocation of units in stocks of companies listed on stock exchanges. The NAV of the fund is directly proportional to the company’s performance. The fund managers will select a range of companies depending on the objective of the particular scheme they are handling. For instance, large cap funds will invest only in those companies whose capitalization is huge and are established names in the industry. Principal Focused Multicap Fund, Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund, and Principal Dividend Yield Fund are some good equity funds managed by this AMC.

  • Debt Fund

    : For investors who don’t want the risk of high fluctuations, they can go for the safer alternative provide by Principal debt funds. These funds by Princiap invest in high security assets like money market and government securities. While the capital appreciation is not as fast as equity funds, they come with a relatively lower risk profile. You can pick from a range of debt funds including Principal Dynamic Bond Fund, and Principal Short Term Debt Fund are managed by Principal.

  • Fund of Funds

    : The NAV of these funds depends on other mutual funds as outlined in the portfolio. The underlying funds are usually managed by the same AMC. So a well performing underlying fund would correspondingly improve the fund of funds’ performance. Principal Global Opportunities Fund is one of the fund of funds offered by Principal Mutual.

  • Balanced Fund

    : These are a type of hybrid funds designed by Principal MF have a blend of both equity and debt funds. While an ideal fit will be 50%-50% of equity-debt, new schemes vary anywhere between 35% and 65% of equity funds in the scheme. Principal Hybrid Equity Fund is one such scheme floated by the AMC.

Fund Managers at Principal Mutual Fund

  • Mr. Rajat Jain - Chief Investment Officer:

    Over 29 years of experience in Investment Management at Mutual Funds.

  • Mr. P.V.K Mohan - Head – Equity:

    Over 21 years of experience in equity research and fund management.

  • Ms. Bekxy Kuriakose - Head – Fixed Income:

    Over 18 years of experience in dealing, research and fund management.

  • Mr. Dhimant Shah - Senior Fund Manager – Equity:

    More than 20 years of experience in stock market.

  • Mr. Pankaj Jain - Senior Fund Manager – Fixed Income:

    More than 14 years of experience in Indian Markets. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

  • Mr. Gurvinder Singh Wasan - Fund Manager:

    14+ years of experience in Fixed Income Markets, Credit Analysis and Structured Finance.

  • Ms. Rupali Pandit - Dealer-Equity:

    More than 19 years of experience in Equity Dealing and liasoning with the Brokers.

  • Mr. Aashish Khubchandani - Dealer- Fixed Income:

    Overall experience in fixed income market of around 3 years. He has passed all three levels of the CFA Program in 2015.

  • Mr. Siddarth Mohta - Associate Fund Manager:

    More than 14 years of experience in Finance and Stock Markets. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Finance and Certified Financial Risk Management.

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